Other news and adventures:​​ 

Currently Painting and Giving Private Lessons,

  • Setting up new studio in Williamsburg, VA.  Renovations and getting settled have taken up much more of my time than I would have liked and I'm looking forward to finishing these distractions and focusing more on my artwork.  We moved into a lovely neighborhood within walking distance of Colonial Williamsburg.  We've met some really welcoming neighbors.  We miss our Long Island friends and organizations but stay very busy with new activities and groups here.  

  • ​Getting to know artists, meeting people, and making friends in the Williamsburg area.  Working hard to re-establish my art career in this wonderful new location.  The new Williamsburg Gallery is a great help.  

  • Planning Painting Classes and Workshops.

  • I'm also still active in the Salmagundi Club on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  We had a wonderful dinner there in December.

original artwork in Williamsburg, VA

Original Artwork in Williamsburg

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​​Latest News!!!!

Williamsburg has a new fine art gallery!!!

Since my move to Williamsburg, many people have asked 

where they could see my paintings ---- here is the answer:

The Williamsburg Art Gallery is located at Merchants Square above Williams and Sonoma..  I will post more new about the Gallery as it unfolds.  Its website is wmbgartgallery.com.

The Gallery is directed by an outstanding artist, Gulay Berryman.

She has accepted my artwork to be routinely shown in the Gallery. I urge you to visit the gallery regularly to see changing exhibits of the great work of local artists as well as other American artists and artists from abroad.

Original Artwork in Williamsburg and Long Island

Art Classes for adult students in Williamsburg and Long Island

Art by Elizabeth Greaf   

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​Original Artwork In Williamsburg