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 Comments from a few of Elizabeth Greaf's Studentw

 --- many thanks to all of you!  I have so many thanks from so many people and could only insert a few below.

By A. D.

     I admire Elizabeth Greaf’s watercolor paintings and welcomed the opportunity to paint with her.  She has a visible passion for what she does that inspires others.  She is extremely likeable and respected by her peers.
     She will take you through the entire painting process, from concept to design principles, drawing and color schemes.  She creates an environment that pleases you, provides support and special assistance.  She helps you understand the medium's unique characteristics and gives useful information about color.  
     Elizabeth is committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise.  She helps you sharpen your observation and perception and have confidence in the artistic skills that you already have.  Watercolor is a constant learning process.   
     Elizabeth explores the characteristics of this versatile medium and shows through expert guidance how one can master the art. She is especially intuitive in developing student’s individual needs.  
     Elizabeth has inspired me.  I look forward to further learning and growth.

By J. C. 

How can I express my appreciation and gratitude for all you did to arrange the "best" trip.  It was an art experience to cherish.

By J. B. 

     I am delighted to recommend Elizabeth as an art instructor. I started as a beginner taking classes from her about a year and a half ago and I am astounded by the progress I have made. She is endlessly patient even when the same questions are asked over and over. She will answer again and again, waiting for that wonderful "aha" moment to come. She is able to be flexible and follow a student's interest or to guide the student through assigned tasks. I am sure
she could bring any student to a higher level of achievement.
      Elizabeth is a prolific artist working in several different mediums.   Her
work is usually on display in at least one of our local galleries and is looked forward to by collectors. She is an active and generous member in all aspects of our art community.   Note - dated 2006, she continues to study with me in 2014.

By L. T.

     I have taken drawing and watercolor lessons at BACCA with Elizabeth for about 6 yrs.  With Elizabeth's knowledge and experience she is an excellent  instructor. Elizabeth manages to make our classes inviting and fun.  Combined with being patient and caring this makes her a very special   teacher as well!  I have had experiences with other art teachers and  can't wait to get back to Elizabeth's classes. I am very happy that she continues  to teach at Bacca and will be her devoted student as long as I am able.

By J. D.

Elizabeth Greaf is a wonderful teacher.  I've been taking art lessons from her for about two years.  Her approach is relaxed and supportive.  Elizabeth has a real knack for teaching even the most novice of students (like myself!) to see the way an artist sees.  As I've begun to acquire basic skills and learn a visual language, I'm also starting to understand art and making art from a whole new perspective.  The process has been personally enriching, and a lot of fun.

By N. L.

     Elizabeth Greaf is a wonderful and very knowledgeable teacher.  She certainly knows
her watercolors!  
     I began a watercolor class in September of 2005, where Elizabeth was the teacher.  I had painted in oils for many years and had always wanted to learn watercolor, but was afraid.  I was afraid because I felt that if one made a mistake, it would be over and the paper would have to be thrown out.
     For my first watercolor, Elizabeth asked me to find a subject to paint that was simple.  So I
chose a fall scene.  When I began to paint it, I immediately got very frustrated and did not think I could do it, but Elizabeth was extremely patient and she encouraged me not to give up.  She showed me many techniques and ways to accomplish my goal.  She believed in me, and she felt that I could do it.  So I stayed with it and when I finished, Elizabeth was very pleased and so was I. 
     After that painting, I got very enthusiastic and became more sure of myself, and in that year I was able to paint eleven watercolors.  This semester I have begun another challenging watercolor painting.  I feel that if it had not been for Elizabeth's patience, knowledge and positive thinking, I would probably have given up and gone back to painting in oils. 
     The classes with Elizabeth seem to go by very quickly.  She has taught me a great deal about
watercolor painting and I am not afraid to paint in watercolor any longer

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