Art by Elizabeth Greaf   

Public Appearances

Ms. Greaf is frequently asked to give presentations regarding various aspects of art, particularly watercolor.  

Following are a few examples chosen to show some of the topics she has addressed.

Watercolor Talk and Demo

Scheduled for Holly Hills Home Owners Association

January 26, 2017

Watercolor Talk and Demo

Gallery North Wet Paint Festival @ West Meadow Beach    July 2013
and at various Outdoor Art Shows in recent years

Watercolor “ArTalk”

 Gallery North                    2001 And 2011

Professional Development for Artists

 Using Digital Photo Programs and Excel to Maintain Records of Your Artwork    2010

Taught Series of Art History Classes

 UFT Queens, NY                2005

Studio Presentation to President's Council

 Long Island Museum          2003

Care of Works on Paper “ArTalk”

 Gallery North                    2002

Watercolor, An important, Long-lived Art Medium

 Friday Lunch Group            2006 and 2014

Talk on “Becoming a Professional Artist”

 Borders Books and Music      1995