Art by Elizabeth Greaf   

Artist's Philosophy

Artist's are very often required to submit a philosophical statement when entering a show.  Ms. Greaf's statement is shared with you below.

The paintings that I create are intended to capture a moment spent in a place that I was reluctant to leave.  We so often find ourselves lingering over a site that we are drawn to because of its beauty, drama, meaning, or mood.  

My paintings search for the essence of the attraction to that scene and capture it in an artistic manner that enables the viewer to visit the spot and linger as long as he or she desires. 

I would hope that these paintings enable the viewer to go to the painting, enjoy the obvious setting but then, while viewing, pass beyond it emotionally and enjoy a happy mood or deal with a troubling thought then move beyond that to feeling uplifted.

While the artwork is representational, I do not intend it to be photographic.  I look for the mood of the setting and try to use the art materials to expand it visually to a higher level of opportunity for the viewer to insert his or herself into the essence of the setting. 

Much of my artwork is done in watercolor but I do work in other media, particularly drawing and oil painting.

In the past the landscape settings were frequently from Long Island, New England, mid-Atlantic area,  or the western USA but many are of locations that I’ve visited throughout the USA and various locations in Central and Western Europe.  I am now creating a body of work from Southeastern Virginia and beyond.