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Her experiences in art

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Artist's Philosophical Statement

Artist's are often asked to submit a philosophical statement.  Click to read a note regarding what I attempt to say with my paintings.

Art Education

Elizabeth Greaf began her study of art at age seven when she took private lessons in oil painting.  Although for many years a professional artist, she continues to study in order to expand her insight into art and art history and to always expand her skills and creativity.  The sources of her art education include:

   The Art Students League of New York             Manhattan, NY

    Academy of Art College                                     San Francisco, CA

    The deYoung Museum Art School                      San Francisco, CA

    Corcoran School of Art                                      Washington, DC   

    College of Marin – Art Department                   Marin County, CA

    Various workshops from programs such as ---   Mendocino Art Center

About the Artist


Ms. Greaf was taught to love nature as a child, by her father on a farm in Southeastern Ohio.  She also treasures the opportunity to explore new places and cultures.  She devoted years to work with architects in the design of health care facilities.  These experiences and interests give her great pleasure in working with scenes of nature and architecture..Her perspective on subject matter has been greatly influenced by the fact that she has lived for long periods of time in four major urban areas of the USA including San Francisco, Washington, DC, Boston, and New York.   Her early years in Ohio and Virginia taught her to also appreciate life in quieter and more rural communities.  She has traveled as often as possible and therefore brings into her art, scenes from Europe, the West Coast of the USA, the Southwest, Hawaii, and, of course, many Long Island and New England Scenes as well as paintings from other locations in the country.  Her emphasis is now on scenes from Williamsburg, VA and other settings in the South.

She spent  20 years on Long Island, enjoying easy access to New York City and New England.  She has given workshops throughout that area and has a highly valued following of students.  

She is excited to be starting a new chapter in her life as an artist.

She is now living and working in Williamsburg, VA.  Ms. Greaf has begun to develop a body of work from that area and other parts of Virginia and is looking forward to deeper explorations of neighboring states.  Elizabeth graduated from high school in Virginia and therefore has lived in western and northern parts of the state but now will be working in an area that she has visited and loved since late childhood.